Wire Guide Nozzles.

Used in Coil winding machines
For the manufacture of coils, transfomers and sensors
In Automotive, Telecoms and Electronic applications.

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The high precision wire guide nozzles from Sci-bore are used on coil winding machines that are made by the world's major machine manufacturers.

Sci-bore is one of world's leading maker and supplier of wire guide nozzles, based upon the quality of the nozzles, and the highest reliability and service that customers of Sci-bore have come to expect.

Sci-bore The Nozzle

High Quality

The hardened material is chosen to provide the best balance between maximum resistance to wear and not being too brittle.

The single material construction at the tips with no joins give the smoothest path for the wire.

The carefully engineered shape with a continuous set of multiple radii, minimizes the risk of wire damage even for small wall thickness.

The actual shape of the tip is designed according to the ratio of wall thickness to the bore size for optimum wire flow efficiency.

The shape can also be varied for special applications such as unusual exit angles, or for use with skeined or litz wire, etc.

The mirror finishes at the exit and entrance also ensure high quality coil products.

All the factors above ensure that there is minimum down time for maintenance during manufacture of the coils, and maximum quality of the finished coil product.

Sci-bore The nozzle types

Extensive Range

Sci-bore manufactures and stocks nozzles to fit coil winding machines from all major manufacturers that include Marsilli, Necoa, Tanaka, Prosys, ATS, Meteor, Sipro, Wey Hwang, EPM, Kinomat, ShiningSun, Meiker, among others.

Sci-bore keeps hundreds of sizes in inventory, while custom sizes can be produced and shipped from the factory within one week for most types.

The nozzles include cutter, threaded, multi-stepped, bi-filar and bent nozzles.

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The large range of standard and custom nozzles means that Sci-bore can provide the best nozzle for the task at hand, even for difficult to manufacture coils and awkward geometry.


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